Snow and ice weather all-around helper

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Snow and ice weather all-around helper

Postby qianyuqianxun » Mon Mar 20, 2017 2:11 am

Whether it is gardening, landscaping and park contracting projects, or the construction of municipal areas, WACKERONNON all-terrain multi-functional maintenance of the versatility and reliability can meet your needs. In addition, a variety of accessories configuration makes all-terrain multi-functional vehicles more versatile, the user can choose different accessories to achieve different operations.
such as sweeping machine, ground bucket, cut branches or snow blowers. With hydraulic quick change, you can easily replace these accessories from the driver's seat. Model 5035 is the smallest all-terrain multifunctional maintenance vehicle in the series, the front frame is low and the work area has a good view and is so popular.
Bucket capacity of 0.35 cubic meters, the operating weight of about 1,600 kg. The car is ideal for working in a narrow space, and its compact design and versatility are impressive. And because the wheel is short, the machine has a high stability.
In addition to shovel and stacking work, it is also very suitable for handling lawns, such as mowing and making roots. It is extremely gentle to the soil. The larger maintenance vehicle is model 5055, the bucket capacity of 0.55 cubic meters, the operating weight of about 3,450 kg. The volume is small, but the power is large, high efficiency.
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