Development of nano composite waterproof coating

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Development of nano composite waterproof coating

Postby qizhen0926 » Fri Mar 17, 2017 6:09 am

<p>Such as waterproof coating such as topical coatings, anti-aging paint, wash resistance, anti-ultraviolet performance requirements are high. In the coating by adding nano-materials, can improve vinyl chain link fence the aging resistance of paint, anti-leakage, scrub resistance and other properties, thereby improving the grade of paint to extend the service life of the coating. </p><p>After the nano-materials modified waterproof coating product appearance is more full, uniform and smooth, smooth and concrete deck covering ideas delicate coating, excellent touch, good water resistance, and the grass-roots bonding greatly improved, especially when the modified paint is anti-ultraviolet , Washable performance is very superior.Wuhan University of Technology successfully developed a nano-modified polymer-based roofing tiles or good glue good water coating, which includes as the base material of the polymer emulsion.</p><p> as the filler of calcium carbonate, talc or mica powder, Which comprises the following steps: adding inorganic nanometer particles and sodium montmorillonite as a modifier, the basic flooring marine wood agent in south africa formula of which is to prepare the inorganic nano-particle modifier into the base material and dispersing under the action of ultrasonic wave, Adding sodium-based montmorillonite high-speed mixing intercalation compound, and finally adding filler and then by mixing, grinding, filtration and prepared. The coating has excellent mechanical properties and waterproof performance, but also has canada engineered hardwood texas brown
excellent anti-ultraviolet ability, can significantly extend the life of roof waterproofing works.</p>
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Postby BuiHuoongj5 » Fri Mar 17, 2017 10:37 am

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