Online shopping complaints rose, wardrobe enterprises to enhance the user experience into a key

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Online shopping complaints rose, wardrobe enterprises to enhance the user experience into a key

Postby qizhen0809 » Fri Mar 17, 2017 8:24 am

<p>With the development of the network and logistics, online shopping has become the most hot way to buy now, from this year's 315 theme "online shopping integrity worry-free" can be seen,leisure chaise longue both in all walks of life, online shopping consumer market consumers Rights and interests more difficult to be protected, then, for the wardrobe business, how to use the network to promote brand development, and the protection of consumer rights?</p>
<p>Combing nearly three years in the Consumers Association released the number of remote shopping complaints can be found in 2014, the National Association of Consumers organized by the remote shopping complaints 20135, of which more than nine into online shopping; 2015, long-range shopping complaints 20083 slightly down,heavy duty vintage wooden french bistro chair but online shopping Up to 20,16, remote shopping complaints soared to 29,856, an increase of 48.3% over 2014. "Remote shopping complaints have become a consumer association encountered a general complaint", the Consumers Association reported that. Clothing and other quality defects, the guarantee is not implemented, publicity and physical inconsistency and other quality problems have been leading; the same time, the new consumer law on the "online shopping on the 7th no reason to return," the terms of the implementation of difficult, power business platform, Or unauthorized expansion of the scope of non-compliance, commitment not to honor, when the delay in the delivery of business and other issues repeatedly criticized by consumers.</p>
<p>To this end, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce introduced the "online purchase of goods on the 7th no reason to return the Interim Measures" (referred to as "measures"), and formally implemented on the 15th. The method is clear, four types of goods does not apply no reason to return,cheap low beach chairs but also lists the three categories by the consumer at the time of purchase can not apply for seven days no reason to return the provisions of the goods. It can be said that online shopping development momentum is good, but there are many problems. Although some online shopping legal protection measures are still being explored, but this year's 315 theme is the network integrity, worry-free consumption. Visible, the network will not be outside the law.</p>

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