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Germany Launches the F-12 June 25 Washington Redskins Jerseys , 2012 | Author: jacobthompson | Posted in Others
The first was the E24, being derived from the E12 & E28 5 Series 4-door sedans. The E24 launched in 1976 to replace the 3.0CS & 3.0CSi (E9). 14 years later, in 2003, BMW released the all new E63E64 which was available as a coup? and convertible, based on the chassis of the E60 5 Series sedan. Models were the 645ci (later replaced with the 650i) and the 630i. The highest performance 6 series is the BMW M6. The third generation F12 and F13 6 series is scheduled for release in 2011 for the 2012 model year, sharing a platform and some engines with the 7 Series (F01) and 5 Series (F10).
E24 6 Series (1976-1989) First generation
Production 1976-1989
Predecessor BMW E9 (CS, CSi, and CSL)
Body style 2-door coupe
Transmission 4-speed automatic
4-speed manual
5-speed manual
Main article: BMW E24
the original 6 Series was the successor to the E9 coup?s, namely the 2800CS Matt Jones Redskins Jersey , 3.0CS and 3.0CSi. The new E24 chassis was safer than that of the E9, meeting new United States federal crash and rollover standards. The original 6-Series was first launched in August 1976. This car had a 3210 cc engine with 197 PS (145 kW). In 1980 debuted the 635CSi, with a 3453 cc SOHC, 218 PS (160 kW) engine and a top speed of 222 kmh (138 mph). The 635CSi could reach 100 kmh (62 mph) in 7.4 seconds. A luxury version, known as the L6 arrived in 1987 with leather headliner and trim and other accoutrements.
In 1983 BMW took the M883, a modified version of the M881 from the BMW M1 and put it in the E24 chassis, creating the M635CSi, or M6. This had a DOHC 24-valve 3453 cc, 286 PS (210 kW) engine Preston Smith Redskins Jersey , taken from the BMW M1 with a top speed of 255 kmh (158 mph). The M6 reached 100 kmh in 6.2 seconds. The M6 also had improved suspension, brakes, and a close-ratio manual transmission.
E63E64 6 Series (2003-2010)Second generation
Production 2003-2010
Assembly Dingolfing, Germany
Body style 2-door convertible
2-door coup?
Engine 3.0 L (2996 cc) I6
3.0 L Diesel (2993 cc) I6
4.8 L (4799 cc) V8 (N62)
5.0 L (4999 cc) V10 BMW M6
Transmission 6-speed manual
6-speed automatic
7-speed SMG III semi-automatic
Main article: BMW E63E64
An all-new 6-Series (E63) was introduced in 2003, filling the hole in the lineup left since the end of the 8-Series’ production, and based on the underpinnings of the E60 5 Series.
The new 6-Series was introduced with a 4.4 L 333 PS (245 kW) V8 engine for the 645Ci. In 2004, a more affordable inline six-cylinder engine was introduced in the 630i. This was soon followed by a convertible model (the E64), the first 6-Series with a removable top. In 2006, the 645Ci was replaced by the 650i Brandon Scherff Redskins Jersey , with a larger displacement (4.8 L) and 367 PS (270 kW). The range-topping M6 arrived in late 2005, using the same V10 engine as the M5, with 507 PS (373 kW). In 2007 the 635d (Twin Turbo 3.0L Diesel) was introduced with 286 PS (210 kW) and 430 ft?lbf (580 N?m) which comprehensively outguns the 630i with the added bonus of 41mpg, the 635d Convertible (released shortly afterwards) was described by Autocar as “the best 6-series of the lot”. The U.S. and Canadian markets received only the V8 and V10-engined 6-Series.

Transmission choices are either a 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic “Steptronic”. For the high-performance M6, the 7-speed Getrag SMG III single-clutch semi-automatic transmission was initially the only transmission but it later became optional a year afterward when a 6-speed manual unit was added as the base transmission. The SMG III also was optional on V8-engined 6-Series (645Ci650i) until after the 2008 model year. [2]
In the 2010 model year, the M6 was the second-most expensive BMW sold in the U.S. after the flagship 760Li ($137,000), with an MSRP of $108,150 for the convertible and $102 Chris Thompson Redskins Jersey ,350 for the coup?, overlapping with the Active Hybrid 750Li and 750i (at $106,200 and $102,300, respectively), and considerably more than the M5 sedan at $85,700. The 2010 650i convertible and coup?, at $85,550 and $78 Jamison Crowder Redskins Jersey ,450, respectively, are also priced near the top of the BMW lineup, comparable to the 750Li and 750i ($85,900 and $82,000). In the U.S. the M6 had one of the largest residual value drops at 19%, as it had little if any changes since its 2006 introduction, its $102,350 base price which put it in Porsche territory and as it has lost attention to flashier models like the Audi R8.
BMW officially announced the end of production of the M6 Coup? and M6 Convertible line. They also stated that the popular V10 high rev engine will also no longer be produced.
2004-2005 645Ci – 4.4 L V8 Mason Foster Redskins Jersey , 333 PS (245 kW).
2004-2005 645Ci Convertible – 4.4 L V8, 333 PS (245 kW).
2005-2006 630Ci- 3.0 L I6, 258 PS (190 kW).
2007- 630i- 3.0 L I6, 272 PS (200 kW).
2007- 630i Convertible- 3.0 L I6, 272 PS (200 kW).
2006- 650i – 4.8 L V8, 367 PS (270 kW).
2006- 650i Convertible – 4.8 L V8, 367 PS (270 kW).
2007- 635d- 3.0 L Twin Turbo Diesel I6, 286 PS (210 kW).
2007- 635d Convertible- 3.0 L Twin Turbo Diesel I6, 286 PS (210 kW).
2007-2010 M6 – 5.0 L V10 Will Compton Redskins Jersey , 507 PS (373 kW).
2007-2010 M6 Convertible – 5.0 L V10, 507 PS (373 kW).
F12F13 6 Series (2011-)Third generation
Production 2011-
Assembly Dingolfing, Germany
Body style 2-door convertible
2-door coup?
Engine 3.0 L (2979 cc) I6
4.4 L (4395 cc) V8
Transmission 6-speed manual
8-speed transmission
Wheelbase 112.4 in (2,855 mm)
Length 192.8 in (4,897 mm)
Width 74.6 in (1,895 mm)
Height 53.7 in (1,364 mm)
BMW unveiled information and pictures in September Jimmy Choo Bags No matter whether electrical energy must be ju.

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