One of replique montre these especially

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One of replique montre these especially

Postby joeychen » Sat Feb 04, 2017 5:53 am

Less than ironically, the "new" Chanel Boy.Friend comes in two sizes, the larger of replique montres which is the "XL" that has the exact same 28.5mm-wide by 37mm-tall dimensions as the Premiere Tourbillon case. The Chanel Boy.Friend also happens to come in a smaller "medium" size which is 26.7mm wide by 34.6mm tall. Here is where I think the "boyfriend" part of the name comes in Chanel realized that the Premiere Tourbillon was rather large for elegant attire, and wanted to create a more affordable and mainstream version because the case shape and concept is undeniably cool. Thus, Chanel decided to "play on" its large size and comparison to actual "boyfriend watches" and give this new collection the Boy.Friend name. Compared to the standard Premiere collection watches the Chanel Boy.Friend has some distinct differences in shape such as the perfectly angular shape of repliche orologi rolex the dial and the use of straps versus a bracelet. These timepieces are clearly in the same family, but they aren't the same. There is a bit more of an "edge" to the Chanel Boy.Friend, and it holds its own from a fashionable perspective. While the standard Premiere watches are trying to be the go anywhere, for everyone Chanel luxury watch, the Chanel Boy.Friend timepiece is a statement unto itself of wanting to live a life of elegance… or at least an expression of authentic upmarket aspiration while running errands. In a sense, it is the slightly more mature version of the Premiere, only marred by its title which seems to suggest the opposite. According to Chanel, however, the Chanel Boy.Friend takes the Premiere "into masculine territory." I suppose I can see how a man might want to wear one of replique montre these especially in the Far East where it isn't uncommon for men to wear watches that only women would wear in the West.

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